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Jan 16, 2013 1:30am PST
afternoon, vince harris director capital programs. i'm also joined this afternoon by our mr. frank lyle just a brief presentation. the scope includes replacement of controlling and communication systems. it's a multi-faceted effort it improve realtime passenger information and system safety, reliability, and expandable of the system by replacing the following components: first we'll replace the subway public address and platform display system, which provides the audio and visual information within the nine muni stations. it will provide enhanced realtime passenger information on a continuous basis, replacing the facility supervisor control and data acquisition system. the acronym you have heard us talk about, we call it scada. which provides the capability of remote monitoring and control of system alarms and emergency ventilation functions of the nine muni stations from the new central control facilities. the third part of the project will replace the mode of power scada system and control of the 26 transit substations used by the charlie buses and light rail vehicles. i will note for me
Jan 19, 2013 6:00am PST
will be glad to answer any questions that members might. >> thank you, mr. harris. members of the board, questions? members of the public? >> no members of the board have indicated that they wish to comment. >> mr. heinicke. >> thank you for a very good report and very comprehensive and to the point. i want to make sure i understand it and clarify for emp. there are two aspects, one is the [kpwh-upbgs/] and in particular the public address systems and in the past i have talked about letting our customers know what is going on, especially in the event of a service disruption of it's just very helpful and there has been a lot of progress on that in my term. i see this helping that as well. but this isn't just about communications. i mean, this project will also address some of the issues that we have had that have caused metro service disruptions. am i understanding that correctly? >> that is correct. it is primarily communications, however. and of course, communications a viable link making sure that we have a viabling alternative way to make sure that he with do communicate between
Jan 1, 2013 10:00am PST
to thank the board for this award. i am truly honored and i want to thank mr. harris for the nomination. so, thank you very much. >> thank you. (applause) >> congratulations. and next, moving on to the transit division, we have two teams of employees that we're going to recognize from our maintenance of way section. these are the folks who maintain the entire system aside from the vehicles, everything that the vehicles run and rely on, the buildings, the tracks, all of that. i want to ask mr. haley to come up with mr. young lalague. young is a track maintenance supervisor and terry manages the entire maintenance of way division and is here on behalf of the signal crew. both of these gentlemen have been with the agency for 13 years. and we're really recognizing them for two specific projects, one of which director heinicke is well familiar with, the eureka curve track replacement project which was replacing the track that you heard updates on often at the director's request over the course of the project. very significant in terms of the basic service of the muni metro service through the tu
Jan 1, 2013 2:15am EST
in -- my 4th grade teacher is here, mrs. kay, now mrs. harris. when i was in school, they did something, and it dawned op me they don't do it anymore. when i was in elementary school, they had the library patrol. i had a button, and i was on patrol. talk about other programs. >> one of the programs i love is drop everything and read where for one period every day or several days a week, the whom school just reads. everybody just -- the teachers including is a great one. the schools in washington, very successful about turning around inner city kids, and the kids in that school have to carry a book at all times. it's neat. funny you mention that. i did a reading at my home town, and my 2nd grade teacher was there. she's like 92 years old. i was signing books, and she said, james, your handwriting is still atrocious. [laughter] >> that's great. talk a little bit about where you see our culture going. you're doing -- >> oh, my god. >> i don't mean in general, but in terms of reading. are we creating a culture of readers, notary -- non-readers, where are we now? >> i think the worst thing t
Jan 21, 2013 3:00pm PST
in the senate there as well because the house won't put anything up for a vote unless the senate acts. but mr. harry reid ask his vulnerable democrats to take a vote on an assault weapon's ban if they believe it won't pass the house. >> i know tomorrow we'll be taking up my resolution in support of gun violence prevention that includes taking up the assault weapons bans. so i think that the white house is ready, the senate is ready to act. they are going to i think start with what you may consider to be the low-hanging fruits the background checks, and limit on high capacity magazines and then take a look at senator feinstein's bill. but i think the senate will take this up in regular order, and this will only be successful if as the president has said the american people speak out and speak up. this is the slaughter of innocents. is our role as parents. they didn't think we could change drunk driving laws, but mothers against drunk drivers did. >> jennifer: and i think this is another reason this was so powerful. one of the other things christine you mentioned that the
Jan 1, 2013 8:15pm EST
is here. now mrs. harris, and i remember when i was in school it just dawned on me they did something they don't they don't anymore. you know the safety patrol? when i was in elementary school they had him dumping call the library patrolled and i got a button and they put me in the library patrol and you can take a ribbing from everybody else in terms of that. see one of the programs has been drop everything and read. one period period every day or several days a week. everybody reads and i think that's a great one. the school in washington which is very successful about turning around inner-city kids and the kids enough school have to carry around a book at all times which i think is kind of neat. you mentioned that i did a reading at my hometown, and my second grade teacher was there. she is like 92 years old and i was signing books. she leaned over my shoulder and she said james, your handwriting is still atrocious. [laughter] >> the that's great. talk a little bit about where you see our culture going. you are doing what you can do. in terms of reading, are we creating a culture o
FOX Business
Dec 31, 2012 9:00pm EST
that mr. harry reid, as well as nancy pelosi on board with the president, so the key question tonight is the democrats who talk about things in the senate, if we hear anything from the speakers about the deal that is now emerging in the senate. reporter: we have yet to hear from the speaker's office. but one of the final hangups is getting all the democrats on board with us. mitch mcconnell knows where speaker john boehner is on this issue. they remained in contact throughout these negotiations birdseed can imagine that speaker boehner will come out as possibly as early as tonight with a statement of support. he has yet to get any information on. adam: apparently a spokesperson for the speaker saying that this is all joe biden and mitch mcconnell. no context as whether that's a compliment or insult, but potentially the deal which you have been expressing all day long. you are the one who will wrote just before 9:00 p.m. that a gop aide said that this was all done. just to wrap up with you before before we sign off one more time, no word yet from the vice president, but reporters are w
Jan 9, 2013 12:00am PST
meeting of each month recognizing a few of our outstanding employees. and first i'd like to ask mr. vince harris who leads our capital projects division to come forward with chu win chee. she is one of our talented capital engineers. she's been with the agency over 15 years. always goes beyond the call of duty to solve any project problems, address project concerns and work effectively with the project team. department clients, consult apartments and the public. she's been a project engineer for the [speaker not understood] transportation radio project which is a very complicated design/build project, very significant, $100 million project that we're currently undertaking to modernize our whole communications system throughout muni. she's involved in developing the rfp, negotiating with the contract, reviewing design and is now working with us and the transit staff and others to implement. previously she was involved with the cable street, cable car infrastructure, the california street cable car infrastructure improvement project. a number of other projects, particularly in the electric
Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm EST
with a $50,000 bill, their part of the u.s. debt. mr. speaker, that's reckless. mr. harris: but there's something even more reckless. the only way to solve these problems is with a budget. every house knows it. every business knows it. almost every government knows it but not the u.s. senate, which hasn't passed a budget for four years. tomorrow the house will take up house resolution 325, and this bill will force the u.s. senate to finally pass ar budget in order to increase our debt ceiling. the time is now. the senate has to act. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and address the r one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized. for one minute. >> mr. speaker, on january 28, 1986, the space shuttle challenger broke apart 73 seconds after launch. the whole world cried watching challenger tumble back to earth knowing that seven brave americans had lo
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am EST
much. in today's "the wall street journal," there is an editorial written by mr. harris that breaks the $60 billion down for sandy relief into understandable numbers. our budget deficits, over $16 trillion at this current time. it should be broken down into dollars. $1 trillion is 1,000 billion. guest: the bottom line is there is a big problem. she is making these numbers understandable. many years back, a senator said something about the idea about $1.2 and $1.3 and they were talking about billions. the numbers get so vague. this is the real number and these are real big problems. as big as these numbers are, it t small changes now that changes the trajectory. i think that is why the current elected officials have an obligation to deal with these issues. they should be focusing on the agenda. that makes things easier for growing. host: a call from michigan. good morning. caller: he is familiar with my territory. you are talking about pension cuts and cuts in wages. tell the viewers what severance package you received from the state of michigan when you left the governorship. i and
Jan 1, 2013 3:30pm PST
but is in the jurisdiction of the commission please come forward. >> mr. chairman, and commissioners, good afternoon, i'm vince harris the director of capitol programs and construction for the san francisco municipal transportation agency. it is a pleasure to be here this afternoon. i come to reintroduce myself to the commission. this is my second time around as the capacity of sfmta and it is a pleasure to be here and served in the capacity some seven years ago and departed and became the directive of another agency in the central valley and i have been honored enough to be allowed to come back and serve in this capacity again. i want this body to know that we have heard many of the comments that were made today but both the public and the union. we certainly understand those comments and, we do not take them lightly. we have a significant purpose in this community, and we are working very hard to meet all of the needs of our riders daily. it is a complex, undertaking a balancing act, between operations and maintenance. providing service as a carrier of probably the largest number of persons per day i
FOX Business
Jan 4, 2013 10:00pm EST
his imperious stance, if you will. senator harry reid reportedly warned mr. obama is refusal to negotiate on the debt limit and the sequester could be a strategic bluner. nancy pelosi making it clear that the democratic priorities called for even higher tax hikes. >> i don't think that democrats are saying that we aren't having spending cuts. we have agreed to over a trillion dollars in cuts in the budget control act. so we all know how we proceed has to be in three parts. revenue and growth to bring money into the treasury in cuts in establishing our priorities in a way that does not harm her future. >> our congressman joins us tonight to discuss the battles over the debt and gun control and immigration and whether the republicans have the guts and will to fight this president on those issues. the unemployment rate remaining at. washington talking about everything right now but jobs. we have a guest to talk about jobs coming out. and new york's putnam county. publishing the names and locations of gun owners. ishe right to privacy overridden by a newspaper's ideology? will ta
Jan 6, 2013 4:00am PST
overnight, and, of course, for that we turn to mr. ron claiborne. >> faris and harris. >>> aurora, colorado, still reeling. four people killed including an armed suspect killed in a shootout with the police s.w.a.t. team. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: the first shots rang out in the dead of night at 3:00 a.m., a woman came running from this town home telling people three people inside were shot. police told neighbors to stay down. >> six times total we heard firing. >> never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: as officered evacuated the neighborhood a man began shooting hitting a police vehicle. >> we kept persisting on him coming out. >> reporter: hours passed but there was no talking him out. >> he fired upon us a second time, this time shots were returned. the suspect was hit. >> reporter: police killed the suspect and inside found three more bodies, a woman and two men. a family member told denver abc affiliate 7 news he killed his father-in-law, sister-in-law and her boyfriend. one escaped believed to be the suspect's wife. the latest tragedy since the movie massacre
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
disarray and the debt ceiling negotiations coming up, that's going to be painful. i read some expletives mr. boehner directed towards harry reid so there's clearly some enmity there, so there are a lot of things to worry about but the overall market should do better and i'm most focused in on the fact, what do you do with money? i have to take money and invest it 37. >> you have to put it somewhere. >> my line is on bonds, which is where the bubble's been putting money, i think buying buying u.s. bonds is walking into a steamroller to pick up a dime. >> where are the winning strategies? >> i'll give you two answers. one i'll give a slight plug you guys had on the program a while ago an organization called portfolios with purpose, is a contest they created where you pay a fee to enter, and you have the right to name a favorite charity to receive the winnings if you win. so you had to pick five stocks and so i'll give you four of the five i picked, because one is we're in the process of buying it and my fidelity is to my investments first so croc, chymera, quality corp., tetragon, financial s
Jan 5, 2013 10:00am PST
one of the problems here, and i think what republicans are going to say going forward, is mr. president, you and harry reid go forward. we've passed three budgets. we've done one every year. it's time for you to show your hand and tell us what you want to do. the frustration i have with you and mohamed is you talk about how, you know, we have this gridlock and that, you know, the republicans aren't being reasonable. but isn't it time for the democrats to say what they want to cut? >> mohamed, let me ask you this. as you look at evaluating people's creditworthiness, is this absence of ooh budget, does that come into the equation when looking at the united states' creditworthiness and its investment climate? >> yes, and for many reasons. first, an annual budget is the most basic element of economic governance. a family knows that. you know, your annual budget is really important. and if you have a country and as maya said the most powerful country in the world who can't even do, that it points to dysfunction. second, the more we focus on the fiscal issue, the more we get obsess
Jan 13, 2013 10:00pm EST
, barbara, in 1837 a breast-cancer instant that time, mr. roosevelt had been a surrogate mother of harry stan daughter, diana, age seven lives in vienna, virginia right now. and so, by that time, harry was almost a part of the roosevelt family and he was at that time the closest adviser and friend and if anybody could be a confidant of roosevelt, he was. the president since terry was not feeling well that evening. he knew hopkins had two thirds of his stomach removed at the mayo clinic because the diet assist at the time was cancer. this is about two years before 1940. since that time, had been unable to gain any weight. he was clearly malnourished. something was terribly wrong with his digestive system. senate president insisted that his friend stay at tears for the night in the white house. so here he was the man who came to dinner and he never laughed. he stayed in the southeast corner of the white house in the link of rooms for three and a half years. the tear, just a couple doors down from the president bedroom. and his daughter, diana lived on the third floor for the 03 and a half
Jan 14, 2013 7:00am EST
. and since that time, mrs. roosevelt, the first lady, had been surrogate mother of harry's young daughter, diana, aged seven, who is in virginia right now. and so by that time harry was almost a part of the roosevelt family, and he was at that time the closest adviser and friend. and if anybody could be a confidence of roosevelt, he was. -- be a confidant of roosevelt, he was. the president said -- sensed harry was not feeling well that evening. he knew that hopkins had had some say two-thirds, of the stomach removed at the mayo clinic because diagnosed at the time with cancer. this was about two years before 1940. and so since that time, harry, as the president knew, had been unable to regain any weight. he was clearly malnourished. something was terribly wrong with his digestive system. so the president said, he insisted that his friend stay upstairs for the night in the white house. so kerry was the man who came to dinner, and he never left. he stayed in the southeast corner of the white house in the lincoln room for three and a half years, lived there, just a couple doors down from th
Jan 21, 2013 11:00am EST
hoss, mrs. iris wine stawn, wife of chuck schumer, and the wife of harry reed and mr. paul pelosi, the husband of house minortiy leader nancy pelosi. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the first lady of the united states, mrs. michelle obama, accompanied by secretary of the senate nancy erikson, clerk of the house of representatives, karen h0. 0s, mrs. schubert, mrs. reed and -- [cheering] in >> next up we're going to see the approach and about to be announced of vice president, the world's happiest guy, bill biden. don't think we have ever seen him except in times of national crises without that smile on his face. >> and why not today. >> it's the effect of joe biden's remarks on this administration. they were an odd couple. he was the hot to barack obama's cool. >> he was the punch line for a lot of late-night monologues. if anything, joe biden has emerged in this administration has a key player and indispensable player in dealing with the congress and the political part of politics, the people part of politics which the president does not spend a lot of time, effort, or energy
FOX News
Jan 20, 2013 4:00pm PST
god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. thank you so much. >> harris: and with his family at his side, president obama was sworn in by supreme court chief justice john roberts just before noon today. tomorrow the president will do it all over again. the constitution mandates the president be sworn in on january 20th, which is today. but because of a 19th century tradition banning public inaugurations on sundays, all pageantry will be held tomorrow. we'll have fox team coverage tonight. an and chief correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill and let's start with ed henry. the chief justice and the president got it right this time, i understand it. >> you'll remember four years ago, there was a slip-up and they had to do redo it at the white house to make sure the president had legally been sworn into office and a little bit the chief had some note cards and he tried to memorize it, but his youngest daughter sasha teased him, he hadn't messed it up. this was a serious moment, obviously. the president sworn in for a second term and only the 16th to win tw
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 123 (some duplicates have been removed)